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Couchsurfing is probably the greatest travel resource out there. It is huge a global community of about 10 million people in more than 200,000 cities! This amazing website allows you to connect easily with other travelers all over the world. The value in this community is building meaningful relationships with friendly people all over the world,  bridging us all together. Arguably the best part about Couchsurfing is that the community provides free accommodation! You can stay with locals, meet others locals (including your home town), and give back to the community by becoming a host yourself! Experience new cultures first-hand and create real friendships all over the world. Remember, it’s all about community first, accommodation second. So go see what your local Couchsurfing community is up to.

Warm Showers


Warm Showers is very much like Couchsurfing, but it’s a much much smaller community. This community is for touring cyclists! Since this community is smaller it is a bit more difficult to find hosts but I highly recommend it for cyclists. If you are thinking about signing up, it is free, but you are encouraged to become a host at some point in the future. So start getting active in the community if you are a cyclist.



HelpX is another cultural exchange like Couchsurfing. The difference here is in the name. Aside from accommodation you also get free meals (sometimes only accommodation), in exchange for help. HelpX lists a host of organic farms, non-organic farms, farm-stays, home-stays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, hostels and even sailing boats all over the world. How cool is that!? Typically you’d be asked to volunteer for four hours per day. Get searching, get traveling, and gain some practical experience. This website has free and premium memberships. However, the premium membership is very low cost and is good for 2 years. It allows the helper to contact all hosts and read all host reviews.



Workaway is of course another resource for cultural exchange.  Like HelpX, in exchange for a few hours of work per day you get free food and accommodation.  Registering with Workaway costs just $29 for an individual account and $38 for a couple account. Accounts are valid for one year at a time, enabling you to contact any of the hosts on the host list. In addition, Workaway has a beautiful website that’s easy to navigate with thousands of hosts in over 155 countries.




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