What’s up!? I’m John, creator of TheMaverickPath.com


A bit about myself

First and foremost I am a burn survivor. Back in summer 2014 while I was on a tour of the east coast with my best friend, my trip was cut short by an accident that still affects me to this day. I received 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over a quarter of my body and I spent two weeks in an induced coma. On the bright side, my desire to continue travelling, to be healthy, and to inspire others didn’t die that day.

My ambition to travel, exercise, and volunteer is what keeps me going. The silver lining to an event that was tragic is that I had time to reflect on the things that matter most. I learned what matters most above all else are your relationships, helping others and doing what you want. Life is short and fragile. In this time of healing I realized how fortunate I truly am.

Travel experience

Though it was short lived, I gained valuable experience adventure traveling up and down the east coast of the United States. I will share what things worked and what didn’t from my travels. Also, I’ve created a pretty long travel bucket list! I am really excited to try long term travel and sharing with you how I plan on doing it, so stay tuned! Hopefully this blog will serve as a source of information and inspiration. Travelling isn’t as elusive as you think. You don’t need a lot of money to travel! All you need is some cojones and the knowledge of how you can do it relatively cheap, and in some cases free!


Fitness experience

This is where most of my experience lies. It’s 2016 and I recently turned 27. I’ve been exercising since about 16, granted I didn’t know what I was doing for a long time haha! But luckily I was able to navigate the sea of crap that is the fitness industry. Fitness is one of my passions so I also plan on expanding my knowledge to share it with you all. I know some people simply don’t have the time and/or don’t know where to start because its so overwhelming.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads that sound too good to be true or ads that tell you you need a certain product to reach your goal. This site is not to sell you secrets and miracle productsthey don’t exist. There are no shortcuts! If it were that easy we’d all have beach bods while stuffing our faces with beer, burgers, and donuts. The sea of lies and gimmicks has really muddied the waters, but don’t worry, I got your back!

What “The Maverick Path” means to me

The definition of a maverick is an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party. “Maverick” is a word that I identify with personally. I realized in my early 20’s that I didn’t like the traditional path set out for me by societal expectations. The idea of living to work wasn’t very appealing, to say the least. I became inspired to do something different from movies like “The Motorcycle Diaries”and “Into The Wild”.  To save up for my trip I did odd jobs and working was exciting for a change! I’m okay with some instability,  if that means I can live the life that I want. Go for what you want and find a way to make it happen, even if it’s unpopular. That’s what “The Maverick Path” means to me.

Goal of my website

The main goal of my website is to reach out to many people and inspire them to manifest the life that they want for themselves. Quality of life means everything to me and I’m sure many people share this sentiment. To me a good quality of life requires experiences, health, and community. That’s where this website comes in! There are many misconceptions about what it takes to travel and what you need to get in shape. I’m here to debunk them with real and free information.

Lastly, I am very fortunate to say that I started exercising again for the first time in over two years! I’ve been going to the gym for about three weeks now and I really needed that. Though I’m limited, I’m doing what I can. I will be documenting my fitness journey and I have a long way to go. This will be interesting however, considering I still have a few surgeries ahead. I see many road bumps in the forecast, but hopefully I can inspire others to get after it too, whatever it may be. Follow my fitness journey and future travel plans by reading my blog posts under “Stories“.

If you are interested in budget travel and general fitness, this is the place for you!



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