14 Simple Tips To Get Cheaper Flights For Your Next Vacation

14 Simple Tips To Get Cheaper Flights For Your Next Vacation

Flying might be the costliest part of a trip especially if you’re a budget traveler, so it would be great to cut back on that cost as much as possible. It’ll take a little more effort and playing around with the options but it’s worth the time. Here’s a list of 14 simple tips to get cheaper flights for your next vacation:

Turn your reward points into air miles

If you have a rewards card you can redeem those points for air miles. You’ll want to see if it’s worth it for you but it’s definitely the first thing you’d want to do before purchasing a flight. Credit card companies suggest you redeem your miles or reward points early and often because mileage conversion rates are ever-changing.

Sign up for airline rewards programs

You can earn points every time you fly with an airline. After enough points you get a free flight. You don’t have to fly to earn air miles, airline rewards programs also allow you to earn points for shopping, dining, car rentals, and hotel stays. Sign up for several, they’re free! You can also earn points by filling out surveys!

Use student discounts

If you’re a student under 26 you’re in luck, there are travel websites that offer discounts on flights and hotel stays.

Sign up for airfare alerts

Flight search engine websites will alert you when there are price drops on flights. Airlines will also alert you on special deals and they don’t last long. You can’t be on the computer all day, just plug in where you’d like to go, signup and get alerted! Make sure you sign up on a few flight search engine and airline sites for discounts and promotions.

Hide/change your location

Airlines apparently have different prices for different countries. Using a virtual private network (VPN) will allow you to hide or change your location of purchase virtually. Change it to a country with lower income, it may be cheaper to buy in other currencies. You can change your location several times.

Hide your history

You’ll want want to browse incognito or clear your cookies. The website you are purchasing from can see if you’ve been searching for flights, supposedly the price will depend on your activity. It’s a general rule of thumb to keep your history private.


Search budget airlines

Many popular travel search engines don’t include budget airlines so it’s advised that you look them up. You can save money with budget airlines but just be sure to watch out for their fees. Budget airlines try to tack on fees for a bunch of things, That’s how they make their money. You’ll want to follow their rules carefully. After adding up the costs determine if it’s worth it to go with them over the larger airlines.. You can always be minimal.

Use google flights

Use the power of google to search the cheapest flights. Google flights allows you to pick your flight and continue your purchase through a travel site. It’s easy to use and you can be notified of significant price drops as well.

Be flexible

If you want to save money you should be flexible with the time of the flight. Fly over-night. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the cheapest days to fly. The off season is another good time to fly, those are the months of January and February.

Look at other nearby airports

You should consider being flexible with location as well. It may be cheaper to depart from and arrive at smaller airports, then proceed to take other forms of transportation to get to your intended destination. All together it may save you a little extra.  

Compare prices

No two sites are the same, some sites may have different prices. Compare prices travel site to travel site, travel site to airline, and airline to airline. Your best bet will always be to purchase through the airline because they’re easier to deal with in case problems arise.

Check back again and again

Like I mentioned above no two sites are the same and based on many factors prices are always changing. So check back a few times.

Buy tickets separately

This applies in two ways:

First way- It could save you some money to buy your departure and arrival tickets separately.

Second way- You may also save money by buying your flights individually if you’re traveling with someone else. Even if the airline can lower the price of one ticket they’ll have to charge you the same price because they’re purchased together.

Buy in the “prime time” booking window

The best time to book is between 6 and 8 weeks out. The closer to eight weeks you are the better. According to the folks at cheapair.com, 54 days out is the cheapest day on average. Of course apply all the other tips above and that’ll better your chances of paying less.

There you go

Hopefully these tips will be useful to you so that you can save tens to hundreds of dollars. To save a little sometimes requires extra effort and patience, just see what you’re willing to do.. Well, now you know!


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