Traveling On A Budget: Consider A Trip To Vietnam!

Traveling On A Budget: Consider A Trip To Vietnam!

Traveling on a budget is made easy by looking outside of developed countries. There are many cheap travel destinations in southeast Asia. Here’s a sample trip with basic expenses to show you how cheap Vietnam can be and why you might want to consider going there.

  • Flight: $831 for round trip in economy class.
  • Accommodation: $5 per night in a hostel. $12 per night in a private room.
  • Food: $1 for street food meal. $3-4 for sit-down restaurant meal. $1 for pint of beer.
  • Activities: $9 for tours. $4 for entertainment.
  • Transportation: Under $1 for public bus. $18 for flight within the country. $23 for overnight buses across the country. $5 for 30 minute taxi ride.

Total cost for trip

The amount calculated is a rough estimate for a fairly comfortable 2 week trip to Vietnam on your own. If you end up paying for everything, the cost per day for a budget traveler can range between $16 and $41 per day. This includes transportation (not including flights or overnight buses), a daily activity, three meals + three beers, and accommodation. The total cost for a round trip from the U.S. plus daily expenses for 12 days in Vietnam is approximately $1,023-$1323. You could easily save up for this trip in 16 weeks, that’s also enough time to plan the trip thoroughly.

Why go to Vietnam?


The affordability

Firstly, as you can see from my sample trip, it’s pretty cheap. It’s actually less expensive to be on vacation in Vietnam than living at home in America. Accommodation, food and transportation will only set you back about $15 a day.

The food

Secondly, Vietnam is known for having some of the best street food in the world. When a meal can cost between $1 and $3, you can’t go wrong. Have you had Pho? Pho is rapidly becoming a popular dish in the U.S.


The tours

Thirdly, the tours in Vietnam range from caves to temples. You can find tours for as low as $9, even $20 for all-inclusive overnight packages. Tours are offered all over the place, just beware of scams.


The history

Fourthly (never heard that before haha), Vietnam has had a long history of dealing with colonialism, civil war, and of course what we call the “Vietnam war” in America. You can visit the Cu Chi tunnels and war museums. Lots to learn!


The vistas and activities

Fifthly (OK this is getting out of hand), There is no shortage of scenery in Vietnam. Places to see are Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Mekong Delta , Sapa and so on. Cruise around the bustling cities or cruise the countryside and see Vietnam’s natural beauty. You can explore other cool places like Cuc Phuong National Park and even take part in activities like windsurfing.


The beaches

Lastly (that’s more like it), Among other things Vietnam is known for its beaches. Phu Quoc Island is known to gave the best beaches in the country, it is a tourist destination though.


Pretty affordable right?

Traveling can be very affordable and a great experience if you aim to get off the beaten path. There are other ways of vacationing that don’t include staying within the confines of a resort. Experience the people and their culture, It makes for a richer experience.

Note: When traveling to developing countries it is very likely that people may look to overcharge you at every turn. Always ask for the price first then proceed to haggle, it comes with the territory!

See what’s mandated in order to visit Vietnam at the State Department’s website.


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