Burn Survivor Comeback Story: How I’m Bouncing Back

Burn Survivor Comeback Story: How I’m Bouncing Back

I figured I’d make the first post  about myself and How I’m bouncing back from being a burn survivor, as well as what my plans are for The Maverick Path.

Where I am now

It’s been two years and two months since I got into a major accident that caused second and third degree burns to a large portion of my body. I feel pretty fortunate and grateful to say that I’ve been working out for about three weeks now. Pretty awesome. While I have been working out I still require a few surgeries to “optimize ” myself. I need to have three surgeries (more if they fail, and they have).

  • First is opening up my airway. I currently have a trach tube in my neck until I can safely breathe without assistance. It’s there as a precaution.
  • Second is getting surgery on my left elbow. I’m not quite sure what’s in my elbow but I cant bend nor straighten it. It’s been that way for over two years.
  • Last but not least is plastic surgery for my left armpit. I guess my skin grafts didn’t heal properly because I didn’t move my arms enough. Burned skin tends to constrict and loses elasticity, so a plastic surgeon will need to perform a z-plasty to release it.

What my plans are

I have some road bumps ahead but I’m feeling pretty optimistic. Before my accident I was very active, but regardless of whether I’m able to perform like before I still have valuable insight to share. If all goes well I will be documenting my fitness progress! I’m also considering starting a YouTube channel (if my voice doesn’t sound terrible) to supplement my blogs,  I think it’ll allow to connect with my readers on a more personal level. When I watch other people’s content I kinda feel like I get to know them personally.

Like I mentioned before, regardless of whether things turn out well or not I’ll still have things of value to share. So if things don’t work out medically (I really hope that’s not the case) I am still able to walk, talk, think and type. Considering those facts, I think that allows me to at least travel! I have a huge travel bucket list that I will unfold as my blog develops. I will be sharing the knowledge that I gained from my travel experience, as well as what my process I will be for chopping at my bucket list. So stay tuned!

This blog is meant for inspiration and information to get you where you want to go. I will be posting about budget travel and general fitness. I want everyone that wants to travel and get in shape to do it because it’s in our reach. It takes nothing more than commitment and the knowledge to go about it. And for those who are experienced in these fields, well, I hope you enjoy the story of a fellow comrade.


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2 thoughts on “Burn Survivor Comeback Story: How I’m Bouncing Back

  1. Dennis Bunyan

    Great to see the blog. Look forward to reading it old friend!

    1. John Luna

      Thanks bro. I’ll be updating it weekly. At least one time a week

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